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Your Calmbirth®  educator



is not
just my profession ...

it's my passion.


I love being a midwife.


   I have cared for women, their babies and their families for 25 years in South Australia and Victoria.

I work in one of Adelaide's largest tertiary hospitals, caring for mothers with straightforward pregnancies as well as those whose pregnancies are complicated by maternal and/or fetal conditions.

Why am I so keen to introduce you to Calmbirth®?

I know participating in a Calmbirth® workshop can make all the difference to your experience of pregnancy and birth.

I believe the presence of fear is the number one variable factor that can so

easily have a negative impact on a woman's pregnancy, labour and birth ... and life beyond.

I am a midwife who sees what it is like to birth without fear ...

And I am a mother who knows what it is like to birth without fear.

There is nothing to fear.

Calmbirth® classes will give you the knowledge to birth with confidence and joy -

to instil in you a sense of control.

It is wonderful privilege:


 To have the opportunity to help women and their partners develop an understanding that women are designed to give birth.


To have the opportunity to teach skills to help you plan the birth that is right for your family.


To see couples blossom as their fears disappear while their understanding of the birth process grows.


  To see the connection to each other and baby increase as a result of Calmbirth® learning.


  To see couples leaving Calmbirth® classes with excitement and anticipation.


My aim is to make a difference, to help you make the most of

this wonderful, life-changing experience.


Kaye Duncan

Registered Midwife Registered Nurse




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