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The stats that matter…


Expectant mothers who attended Calmbirth® workshops are:

             Five times more likely to birth without needing any analgesia.

Twice as likely to birth without the need for an epidural

and are

            40% less likely to have a caesarean birth.


While only 12% of women

described themselves as confident or very confident about their upcoming birth at the start of Calmbirth® classes,

afterwards that number surged to 88%.

Partners experiences were similar. With just 11% described themselves as confident or very confident beforehand, 79% felt described feeling confident or very confident afterwards.


 More than 95% describe themselves as very or perfectly satisfied with the classes.

Above statistics from two studies.

  1. Study exploring the outcomes of three different childbirth program models: Calmbirth®, Birth Intensive Program and Having a Baby (HAB). Conducted by Dr Jane Svensson (Antenatal Coordinator at the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick N.S.W.)

  2. Calmbirth® survey of 3800 of their couples who birthed between 2009-13 and compared results to those from the NSW Mothers & Babies 2010 report (-statistics of the general birthing population supplied by public and private hospitals in NSW.)

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