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Calmbirth®...what is it?



The Calmbirth® course is a unique childbirth education program that empowers women and their partners to experience the best birth for them.

It is evidence based.

It is Australian.

It is safe.

It is not about how to birth,

it's about helping couples create their own positive birth experience,

no matter how it unfolds.

Through Calmbirth® you will gain a greater understanding of the physiology of labour and birth,

The workshops also explore the significance of the mind-body connection

and how our bodies (and unborn babies) respond to our emotions and thoughts.


We often underestimate the impact of others' unhelpful comments. 

Someone else's birth story is theirs alone -

it has no role to play in your birth journey.

Calmbirth® helps you reframe your beliefs,

allowing you to think only positively about birth.

It is well known that fear, anxiety and tension can inhibit labour and birth.

Imagine instead,

approaching your birth with confidence

and calm anticipation ...

And you already have the inner resources to make this

happen, enhancing the bond with your baby well before birth.

Partners and support people also benefit enormously from these classes,

realising the importance of their role

in labour and birth,

confidently and calmly supporting the mother.

Skills learned during the workshops are skills for life ...

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