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Thank you for visiting the Adelaide Coast Calmbirth® website. This statement outlines our privacy policies, which are designed to protect your information and ensure security.

Personal details

We ask you to provide some personal details when you are registering for courses.
This information is used to process your request, or to contact you in the event of an issue arising. This information cannot be used or modified by unauthorised parties. The information is only used for the purposes for which it was provided.

Disclosing information

We respect your privacy, and the personal details you provide are kept in strictest confidence. We will not provide your details to any third parties.

Usage information

We do not track your activities on the website. While we do monitor the overall usage of the site, this does not identify individual users. This usage information allows us to determine the most popular areas of the site and to further improve the site accordingly.


We will take every precaution to protect your information. I do not store your credit card details on our website. This means that even if my security is breached, there is nothing to steal, and your credit card details remain safe.


More information

For further information on our privacy policies, please contact Kaye 0421 940 930.

To read more about privacy issues and legislation in Australia, please visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website


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